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I am so glad to be able to share this product with you! After years of going out on my boat, ATV, or tailgating etc, and ending up with a lukewarm drink in my hand I kept thinking how can we keep our Koozie “Coolie cup” so that it is not forgotten? One day It came to me, it needs to be stored where it is used most. After tossing around several ideas I finally came up with the KOOZIE POCKET! No more wasting time searching, buying it again and again or just being without. Now you can be the one who always has there Koozie!
THE KOOZIE POCKET Saves you time. Never forget your koozie again!
Includes a premium neoprene koozie.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Simply peel the paper from permanent tape and press to cooler or anywhere you choose.
The bottom is open to not catch debris or water. Stores your koozie with cooler.

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Install with 4 easy steps: